Is Flying Safe in Pregnancy?

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Flying during pregnancy is considered to be no problem if the mother is less than 36 weeks pregnant. Ideally an expectant mother should travel during her first or second trimester. Traveling in the first or second trimester is to avoid more serious complications that may occur in the third trimester such as preterm birth. What to discuss with your doctor Discussing your travel plans with your doctor is important so you can avoid any potential... View Article

Cholestasis of Pregnancy

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Cholestasis usually occurs during the latter part of a woman’s pregnancy. It is a condition that is characterised by abnormalities in liver function. These abnormalities lead to itching and in the hands, feet and other parts of the expectant mother’s body, often worse at night. While there maybe no long term complications for the expectant mother this condition can be harmful for the developing baby. Cholestasis of pregnancy is also known as obstetric cholestasis and... View Article