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Yes, you will require a GP referral to see Dr Kaur to ensure you are eligible for any applicable Medicare and or private health rebates. A referral will also provide us with the information we need to correctly triage and offer you an appointment. If your appointment may be related to fertility and you have a partner, they will also require a GP referral to see Dr Kaur.

Prior to your appointment we require you to complete and return new patient forms which allows us to provide information to Dr Kaur ahead of time. This also allows us to request any records that may be relevant to your appointment, however, we do ask you to provide us with a copy of any ultrasounds reports and pathology results you may have.

Depending on the reason you are being referred, your initial appointment can be between 45-60 minutes. We allow 30 minutes for follow up consultations, however, sometimes more time is needed.

The wait time for an initial consultation with Dr Kaur can vary depending on the reason you are being referred. All new referrals are triaged and appointments are allocated in accordance with Dr Kaur’s schedule and the urgency of your referral. In general, wait times can be between 6-8 weeks.