VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) means delivering your baby through vaginal delivery after you had a caesarean for a previous birth.

Delivery planning for a woman with a previous caesarean should be addressed early in prenatal care. Usually there are two choices. First is a trial of labor after caesarean with a goal of achieving VBAC. If caesarean delivery becomes necessary during the trial then it is a ‘failed trial of labor’.

The next is an elective repeat caesarean delivery which is a planned or scheduled caesarean delivery. Both have risks and benefits. Whether you can choose a vaginal delivery after caesarean depends on a lot of factors like the reasons you had a caesarean previously, any complications during the previous caesarean and the number of caesarean deliveries you have undergone.

You will be closely monitored during your VBAC. If there are any signs of distress to the mother or baby an emergency caesarean will be done.

If you are planning for a VBAC , here are a few tips you should know

Understand the benefits and risks of VBAC.
Be prepared for changes in your delivery plan – An emergency caesarean may be needed sometimes.
You will be closely monitored during the delivery to prevent any complications.

Benefits of VBAC
You can avoid major abdominal surgery
Lesser risk of infection and damage to internal organs
Lesser chance of blood loss and blood transfusions
Faster recovery and less discomfort and pain after birth
You can avoid the risks of anaesthesia.
No abdominal or uterine scar after a vaginal delivery. A scar on your uterus can increase the risk of placental problems in your next pregnancy.

Risks associated with VBAC
– Rupture of uterus – There is a small chance that the scar on your uterus from the previous caesarean can rupture. This can cause severe bleeding. It can also lead to hysterectomy which is removal of your uterus and also increase chances of infection. It can be associated with fetal compromise.
– Emergency Caesarean – Sometimes you may need an emergency caesarean if the vaginal birth after caesarean is not successful. An emergency caesarean has an increased chance of infection compared to a planned caesarean

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