Vulva And Vaginal Irritation

Vulva And Vaginal Irritation

The vulva is a regular name given to the outer parts of the female genitals. Vaginal discharge or secretion happens in all women; it helps to keep their vulva and vagina moist and get rid of bacteria and dead cells.
If you are faced with vulva irritation, seeking medical advice from your doctor regarding the causes of irritation is essential. However, before hitting your doctor with a call, this piece will assist you in having a profound understanding of your causes and treatments that are available.
What is Normal?
Understanding what is rational about differences and variations is vital in all women. Although individual’s woman’s Vulva has unique sizes and appearances that include differences between the left and right labia. Other changes include length, shape, and size. These natural variations and differences in women are healthy.

But, why is it difficult for women to see what their Vulva looks like? It is only because they can’t see it. Nonetheless, these can help: A mirror can come handy to familiarize yourself with it and identify what is normal for you; detect changes in appearance, bumps occurrence, cracked skin and thickening and thinning of the skin.


Vulva and vaginal irritation can be highly delicate and could lead one’s susceptibility to an extensive range of infection. These symptoms include:
Vaginal inflammation or discharge
Skin cracking or splitting
Whitening of skin
Odorless white discharge.


In most cases, there occurs a cycle of itch, skin tearing and splitting, scratch and secondary infection.
Many women with this condition shy away from discussing their symptoms and problem leaving it for many years before they will finally resort to seeking medical help.

Rather than trying to treat this problem yourself, it is highly essential to see your gynecologist prior any action. These are some of the tests that will be carried out by your doctor:
Blood Test
Urine Test
Vulva or Vaginal Test
Vulva Biopsy
These tests are necessary for diagnosis.


It is relieving that Vulva, and Vaginal irritation has known causes. These causes include
Vaginal Secretion
Skin conditions which include: Eczema, Lichen Sclerosus, and Dermatitis
Fungal, Viral and Bacterial Infection which include: Genital Herpes, Candidiasis (thrush) and trichomonas.
Use of medications, local anesthetics or preservative.
Allergies to substances like Laundry detergent, perfume, wax, soaps, bath and hair products, and feminine hygiene products.

Management And Treatments

The treatment for Vulva and Vaginal irritation depends solely on the causes. Therefore treatments that will be handed to individual patients will be subject to their cases. Their causes will bring forth the type of treatment that will be selected.

The types of the treatments that will be chosen for a patient battling with Vulva and Vaginal irritation are:

Use water only or non-soap substitute for washing your vulva.
Lean forward when passing urine
Swim in salt water
Avoid the use of talcum powder
Wear underwear that are made of cotton.

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This article is written to be informative and does not substitute seeking a professional consultation from a medical professional.