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Advanced laparoscopic surgery, also known as ‘keyhole surgery’, is a minimally invasive surgery that utilises small incisions in the skin which reduces pain, discomfort and recovery time for the patient. 

In comparison to conventional approach to surgery which requires a much larger incision to be made, advanced laparoscopic surgery involves a small telescope (or laparoscope) inserted into the small incisions and used to view the abdominal and pelvic organs during surgical operations.

As an advanced laparoscopic surgeon with extensive experience, Dr Anu Kaur is experienced in performing laparoscopic surgeries for:

  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Ovarian Cystectomies
  • Risk-reducing Surgeries (Oophorectomies)
  • Permanent Contraception
  • Resection of Endometriosis
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopies for pelvic pain


The Aurora Women’s Health difference

Dr Anu Kaur is one of Brisbane’s female obstetricians and gynaecologists with specialist experience in performing advanced laparoscopic surgeries. As a FRANZCOG-trained specialist with nearly two decades of experience, you can confidently count on Dr Anu’s expertise in advanced laparoscopic surgery. 

The Aurora Women’s Health ethos is to provide care with respect, dignity, compassion and commitment. We always put your safety and comfort first. This is why we take time to understand your unique needs during the consultation process to address any questions or concerns you may have so you can feel as comfortable and confident as possible. 


What are the Benefits of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Advanced laparoscopic surgery has many benefits, including being less invasive than traditional surgery, a substantial reduction in pain and discomfort post-operation, and a shorter recovery time so you can get back to your life quicker. There is also a lower chance of internal scarring (adhesions) and smaller post-operative scars. 

Additionally, this type of surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis so the patient can often go home the same day or the following day.

For some types of advanced laparoscopic surgery, the use of a large screen and magnification of the area being operated on makes the procedure easier to complete for the surgeon which lowers risk and complications.

If you’re considering this type of surgery, we’d love to help you out. Book a consultation with Dr Anu today!

Medical History

Your doctor may ask for your medical history, including:

  • Medical and/or psychosocial problems
  • Blood pressure, height and weight
  • Breast and cervical exam
  • Date of your last menstrual period (an accurate LMP is helpful when determining gestational age and due date)
  • Birth control methods



  • History of previous pregnancies
  • Hospitalizations
  • Medications you are taking
  • Medication allergies
  • Your family’s medical history

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