Why is hysterectomy performed?
There are usually different reasons why hysterectomy can be performed for on a woman. There are several reasons which can be benign or Cancer. The Hysterectomy for Cancer is done via a Gynae Oncology Team.
Few of the reasons for Hysterectomy are:

Uterine fibroids
Severe pelvic pain
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Uterine prolapse
Ovarian cancer, cancer of the cervix and cancer of the uterus
Thickening of the uterus also known as Adenomyosis

Hysterectomy is usually prescribed for non cancerous reasons only when all other treatment plans have been tried without meaningful success.

Types of Hysterectomy

The way and procedures with which hysterectomy is done depends on how much of the reproductive system and womb can be left in place and the reason for the operation. Doctors can decide to either remove a part or the entire uterus depending on the reason why the hysterectomy is done. The types of hysterectomy include;

Subtotal or Supracervial hysterectomy is one in which the surgeon removes just the upper part of the uterus, leaving the cervix in its place.
Total hysterectomy removes both the cervix and the uterus
Radical hysterectomy is usually done only in the presence of cancer and it involves the removal of the uterus, the tissue on its sides, the top of the vagina, fallopian tubes, lymph glands and the cervix.

Hysterectomy can be done via:

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Learn more HERE (https://aurorawomenshealth.com.au/advanced-laproscopic/)

Abdominal Hysterectomy: Laparotomy or a “Cut” on the abdomen is required.

Vaginal Hysterectomy: Done via the Vaginal Approach.

Advantages of hysterectomy
It eliminates possibility of having uterine cancer in the future especially for women who have a family history of uterine cancer or those who have had cancerous growth in the past.
It helps in the treatment of uterine prolapse, a condition that sees the uterus slide into or beyond the vagina.
It reduces abnormal bleeding and this is the main reason why many women have hysterectomy because abnormal bleeding can be draining, painful and quite uncomfortable. Although more recently there have been other treatments like Medical management and Ablation
are available for these conditions, some women still prefer to have hysterectomy.
Uterine fibroids or growths can cause great pain and discomfort as much as the pain that’s felt when a woman suffers from endometriosis. While there are other treatments for this too, a hysterectomy helps to bring serious relief.

Disadvantages of a hysterectomy
There’s usually a significant recovery time needed for hysterectomy patients. Like all other surgery procedures, there’s a small risk of death and discomfort involved.
Hysterectomy sometimes leads to needing to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Although HRT’s have been found to provide short-term benefits, the long-term effects could be negative and might lead to other health problems.

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